My Story

As all kids of the 70’s I was always outside building camps and riding bikes and getting into innocent mischief.

The schools I attended in Bournemouth had the advantage of lots of sport which I think is lacking in many of our schools today. I enjoyed all sports and always tried to compete with my oldest brother.

As some of us settle into adulthood sometimes our priorities change and exercise can be put on the back burner as we have lots on our minds,this was the case for me until I started adding on the pounds so started back into martial arts which I had a taste of as a pre-teen. This really made a change to my life as I remembered how exercise made me feel, and that was a pretty good feeling.

As I progressed through the belts to 2nd Dan i had injuries that would not go away. I approached many therapies to cure these but non were a success. I was booked in for a knee operation and the pre-operation check was carried out by a very astute nurse who said that something didn’t look right. It was found after blood tests and fifteen years of injuries that I had Psoriatic arthritis which thankfully could be put into remission with the correct drugs.. At a similar time which was a stressful time in my life I was diagnosed as having cancer which after surgery and chemotherapy was thankfully cured. During this time I gained lot of weight mainly due to my lack of mobility. I felt heavy and sluggish physically and mentally. It was a that point in my life I decided to become strong and healthy and to work daily putting my health first. I started training at the gym and became uplifted by the sense of achievement and wellbeing I felt. I had gone from not being able to walk up the stairs to becoming someone fit and healthy. I would never moan about exercise again, it truly has turned my life around and now I want to help you achieve your fitness goals. Thank you for taking the time to read this,